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RCSU Steals Medics Mascot

The RCSU Exec managed to steal the medics mascot! An account of what happened:

Luke Kanczes (RCSU President) and Paul Beaumont (RCSU Vice-President) saw the phoenix head carelessly tossed aside in the sweltering summer heat on queens lawn. They approached using their wit and cunning and fooled the pathetic Medic who was manning the Medic RAG stall that they were freshers. Paul distracted the Medic using his far superior intellect and after briefly planning an escape route, Luke made a run with the head. The person manning the stall mumbled “that guy just stole our head”, confused by such a complex turn of events. Luke dodged several Medic rugby lads, who, as far inferior to IC rugby, were unable to obtain the Mascot. The Medics, unable to understand the difference between Science and Engineering, went to smash down the CGCU Offices. They however got lost on route so decided to call it a day and retreat.


And our demands:

1.     £200 paid to RCSU RAG

2.     Suzie the Medic President has to run around Beit Quad wearing nothing but the Phoenix head on a date and time of the RCSU’s choosing

3.     The Medics have to send an Email to everyone on their mailing list which says “RCSU is better than ICSMSU”


Write for Broadsheet

Broadsheet is a magazine funded by the RCSU, which gives you a space to share your written thoughts with the other scientists at Imperial. So whether it’s a short history of string theory, the profound graffiti of the library toilet cubicles, the harsh realities of climate change in the Maldives, a selection of your favourite mathematical jokes, the sex lives of silverfish, a how-to guide for home gene-modifiers or a damming indictment against campus vending machines, all would be very welcome in Broadsheet!


Interested? Drop an email to: