Biochem Soc

As a Biochemistry or Biotechnology student, you are automatically admitted into IC’s Biochem Soc, one of Imperial’s best department societies!


President: Hannah Maude

Contact: via email


Firstly we feel we should offer our congratulations, as if you are reading this you are currently studying or soon will be studing biochemistry, and this decision alone means that you are already cleaver than half of the students at Imperial (i.e. those doing engineering).
So now we’ve established that you’re clever what has all this genius got you? Well you are automatically a member of Biochemistry soc and this year we have great events planned, such as pub crawls, buddies dinners, guest lectures as well as much more to ensure you’re busy. We hope this will build up a large Biochem network involving students, lectures and alumini to ensure students get all the help they need.
We will keep you informed via email, facebook, lecture shout outs, carrier pigeon; you name it we’ll probably try it too keep you informed about everything we’re doing this year. So make sure you come along and why not bring some friends from physics because we can guarantee that they’ll see more girls at one of our events than they will ever see in their department.